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    Picture of All Purpose Cleaner with ammonia

    All Purpose Cleaner with ammonia

    A Bio-Degradable product with the power of ammonia to remove every kind of dirt
    Picture of Aqul Laundry Powder 10KG

    Aqul Laundry Powder 10KG

    Enzyme boosted commercial concentrated laundry powder. Low foaming and suitable for both front and top loading machines. Available in 10KG box.
    Picture of Bac-Man Cleaning Agent

    Bac-Man Cleaning Agent

    Active Bacterial Cleaning Agent Ready to use bacterial activated cleaning agent for assisting control odours and soiling in a wide variety of ‘difficult to clean’ areas such as non-sealed tiles, grout and lino surfaces. Excellent as a daily control treatment for urinals and toilet areas. Utilises a proprietary blend of environmentally friendly surfactants and active bacterial agents. Excellent and safe regular-use dilutable floor cleaner that over time can provide miraculous results to surfaces engrained with heavy soiling of porous or semi-porous floors like concrete, vinyl and synthetic membrane flooring systems. MPI APPROVED C32 Properties Appearance: Clear green liquid Fragrance: Fresh sweet Specific gravity: 1.00 pH: 7.5 (100%) Microcide: Active Bacteria Applications A variety of typical “difficult to clean” areas Non sealed or porous tiles and grout lines Lino surfaces Toilet and urinal areas
    Picture of Black Biodegradable Rubbish Bags

    Black Biodegradable Rubbish Bags

    72-80 litre biodegradable rubbish bags with pull off tie in a convenient dispenser box. Bag size: 41 x 40 x 100cm. 100 bags per box. Sold in box lots. Price is per box.
    Picture of Bleach 5L

    Bleach 5L

    A premium bleach which is a powerful cleaner and sanitiser for laundry, bathrooms, toilets, kitchen areas or moss and mould removal. Contains sodium hypochlorite.
    Picture of Blick Glass Cleaner

    Blick Glass Cleaner

    Blick Glass Cleaner BLICK is ideal for commercial and domestic glass, mirrors, tiles and chrome cleaning applications. Quick-drying and streak-free. Retards soiling and finger printing. A spray on, wipe off window cleaner, BLICK is ready-to-use and cuts through grease, film and common glass and mirror soiling. Works well on chrome and brushed stainless steel surfaces and is streak-free. MPI APPROVED C36 Properties Appearance: Clear blue liquid Fragrance: Slight ammonia Specific gravity: 1.00 pH: 10.5 (100%) Applications Domestic glass cleaner Commercial glass cleaner Mirrors/tiles & chrome
    Picture of Blue Strike Laundry Powder (10-KG)

    Blue Strike Laundry Powder (10-KG)

    Laundry Powder BLUE STRIKE is an economical laundry powder with low foam characteristics. It is suitable for use in hot or cold water and contains surfactants for removing stains and optical brightening agents to give an enhanced appearance to fabrics. BLUE STRIKE is effective in hot or cold water and has been formulated as an economical laundry powder but with no compromises when it comes to superior ingredients. It contains stain removers, optical brightening agents all with a pleasant lemon fragrance. Properties Appearance: Blue powder Fragrance: Lemon pH: 11.3 (1% w/v solution) Applications Domestic laundry Commercial laundry Industrial laundry
    Picture of Bowl Patrol

    Bowl Patrol

    Bowl Patrol Toilet Cleaner / Disinfects / Deodorises BOWL PATROL is a cleaner sanitiser designed specifically for toilet bowl applications. It kills odour generating bacteria as well as being effective in controlling fungi, slime, mould and water stains. It is also excellent for cleaning urinals and stainless steel surfaces. When diluted at 1:4 with water BOWL PATROL is an excellent heavy-duty shower cleaner and an ideal antibacterial spray and wipe product. Great on stainless steel. Properties Appearance: Viscous blue liquid Fragrance: Fresh citrus lime Specific gravity: 1.04 pH: 1.0 (100%) Microcide: 2500ppm ADBAC (100%) Applications Domestic & Commercial Toilet cleaner Disinfects & deodorises
    Picture of Bucket 13L

    Bucket 13L

    Bucket 13 Litre
    Picture of Citrus Kleen Cleaner

    Citrus Kleen Cleaner

    oncentrated Multipurpose Cleaner Sanitiser CITRUS KLEEN is a biodegradable cleaner/sanitiser/disinfectant. It contains di-limonene, a natural solvent derived from citrus fruit skins, which gives it powerful grease and oil cutting properties. CITRUS KLEEN contains no phosphates, is non-flammable and contains no caustic or acids. CITRUS KLEEN is cold water activated and can be used for a wide range of applications including commercial, industrial, transportation, marine and domestic. Its free rinsing formula penetrates grease, grime and soiling from engines, tools, upholstery, concrete, and plastic. CITRUS KLEEN is a concentrated environmentally friendly cleaner/sanitiser in one. MPI APPROVED C32 Properties Appearance: Dark green liquid Fragrance: Mild citrus Specific gravity: 1.04 pH: 13.2 (100%) Microcide: 100ppm ADBAC (@1% soln) Applications Mopping/scrubbing/degreasing/machinery/walls etc Heavy Duty Spray'n'Wipe Good on petroleum and oil based soiling One-step all purpose institutional janitorial cleaner