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    Picture of Tomato Sauce PCU 15g (48/TRAY)

    Tomato Sauce PCU 15g (48/TRAY)

    There is nothing quite as Kiwi as putting tomato sauce on almost everything we eat and now you can put Kiwi onto it all, because this sauce is made right here in New Zealand!
    $11.02 $8.81
    Picture of Apricot Jam PCU 15g (48/TRAY)

    Apricot Jam PCU 15g (48/TRAY)

    For a little fruit, apricots have a pretty big taste, and there's heaps packed into this yummy little number. On your toast first thing in the morning, or with cheese and crackers during the day, the delicious Toast Apricot Jam is the perfect accompaniment.
    $12.44 $9.95
    Picture of Marmalade PCU 15g (48/TRAY)

    Marmalade PCU 15g (48/TRAY)

    Made with super yummy Northland oranges, Toast Marmalade is so fantastic that you almost don't feel bad about all the fruit that died for your culinary enjoyment.
    Picture of Natural Honey PCU 15g (48/TRAY)

    Natural Honey PCU 15g (48/TRAY)

    Renowned for its purity, this Natural Honey is the result of a huge amount of work by an army of bees. A delicious spread, or added to hot drinks, Toast Natural Honey is nature's very own sweetener.
    Picture of Peanut Butter PCU 11g (48/TRAY)

    Peanut Butter PCU 11g (48/TRAY)

    Tried and true and, unlike some PCU peanut butters, Toast Peanut Butter won't be runny on top and rock hard on the bottom!
    Picture of Raspberry Jam PCU 15g (48/TRAY)

    Raspberry Jam PCU 15g (48/TRAY)

    The classic Raspberry jam. Goes perfectly on its own or, if you insist, with peanut butter. Either way, you can't go wrong with some Toast Raspberry Jam.
    Picture of Strawberry Jam PCU 15g (48/TRAY)

    Strawberry Jam PCU 15g (48/TRAY)

    Since the dawn of jam there has been the argument over which is better; strawberry or raspberry. We don't claim to know the answer; but we promise to keep doing the taste test every morning!
    Picture of Marmite PCU 10g (48/TRAY)

    Marmite PCU 10g (48/TRAY)

    Generation after generation of Kiwis have grown up powered by Sanitarium Marmite; it's as Kiwi as Kiwi gets. It’s low in fat, completely vegetarian, contains only 0.6g of sugar per 5g serve and contains five essential B vitamins. Plus, it’s the only yeast extract in New Zealand enriched with iron.