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    Premium Rockstock Unbranded Amenities

    Packaged in Rockstock, an amazing ‘paper’ that is made from 80% Calcium Carbonate (in the form of quarry waste). Rockstock is a tree free paper that helps reduce deforestation. By using ground up waste rock (CaCO3) as the primary content instead of tree fibre, Rockstock replaces a wood pulp with rock waste.

    No bleaches, acids, alkali or other potentially dangerous ingredients are used in the production of Rockstock as the paper gets its white colour from the high concentration of Calcium Carbonate which is naturally white. This means that Rockstock does not pollute the air, rivers and drinking water reserves with any harmful chemicals.

    These products represent a super easy way to eliminate unnecessary plastic from your business and in doing so protect the environment that your guests come to you to enjoy

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    Picture of Rockstock Bamboo Toothbrush/Paste (125/CTN)

    Rockstock Bamboo Toothbrush/Paste (125/CTN)

    Colgate toothpaste and premium soft bristle combined with a sustainable bamboo brush. Oral hygiene in a sachet.
    Picture of Rockstock Compostable Shower Cap and Tie (250/CTN)

    Rockstock Compostable Shower Cap and Tie (250/CTN)

    That's right, not just a compostable shower cap, but a hair tie as well. We've got your locks covered.
    Picture of Rockstock Ear Plugs (200/CTN)

    Rockstock Ear Plugs (200/CTN)

    Because silence is golden and sometimes you need a little help to have a good night’s sleep, we bring you these individually wrapped, expanding, orange foam ear plugs.
    Picture of Rockstock Eye Mask (125/CTN)

    Rockstock Eye Mask (125/CTN)

    These individually wrapped quality eye masks will keep you dreaming through eliminated interruptions (like that pesky big yellow ball that seems to arrive very early every morning). Two elastic bands hold the eye mask in place and ensure you can get your full allotment of beauty rest.
    Picture of Rockstock Nail File (200/CTN)

    Rockstock Nail File (200/CTN)

    A full-sized, double-sided, proper Emery board for buffing with separate cuticle stick.
    Picture of Rockstock Shoe Mitt (200/CTN)

    Rockstock Shoe Mitt (200/CTN)

    Super handy little, super fluffy polishing mitt for super shiny shoes. Because first impressions count.
    Picture of Rockstock Vanity Kit (250/CTN)

    Rockstock Vanity Kit (250/CTN)

    4 cotton buds and 2 cotton pads for general facial beautification and maintenance. The shafts of the cotton buds are made from recycled timber, not plastic.
    Picture of Rockstock Wooden Comb (200/CTN)
    Picture of Rockstock Zip Lock Multi Bag (250/CTN)

    Rockstock Zip Lock Multi Bag (250/CTN)

    Whether it’s hygienic disposal or safe storage of something special, this handy zip lock sealable bag is a handy addition to a traveller’s bag of tricks.